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21a April 2010

vad behöver man göra i denna värld för och överleva?
djup fråga? nä egentligen inte..
hah, figure that one out if you think you can!
gibberish you say? well, don't ask me ;)
I say it like Muse - Sing for Absolution..!
och det gör jag
som det heter fint: "It ain't over until the fat lady sings" hah.
what an irony. just cracks me up, just cracks me UP x)

Been off 2day. Done nothin' but hangin' infront of the 'top
well, that and the books and papers hanging me (yes, quite literally)
isch, nä ska sluta talka gibberish ^^,

nothing new on twi-fronten :(
besides that hungarian tv had a psychiatrist talking about the effect rob & kristens engagement will have on him now xD engagement as a fact? total BS! and a psychiatrist?!
that news made me roflmao..

rob-pic(s) of the day:

*mwoaah* on you too Rob :)
ay caramba..*sigh*

2days soundtrack:
¤ "Never Too Late" - Three Days Grace; I most certainly hope so..
¤ "One Step Closer" - Linkin Park; "One step closer to the edge..."


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