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Friday February 26th

Time passes quickly..
Already been a week at the Mikaeli VC..
Got the result from Läkemedelsberäkningen - G! :)

*New Music in mp3*
¤ "Word up!" - Korn
¤ "Meds(ft. Vv Of The Kills)" -  Placebo

*Music I wanna promote - very emotional songs*
¤ "Rest in Pieces" - Saliva
¤ "Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" - Vertical Horizon
¤ "Hate Me" - Blue October
¤ "Hemorrhage" - Fuel

have to say; THE best playlists I've ever had is S. Meyers playlists to her books.
You can't get any more PERFECT than those!
It's exactly my kind of music - Love the Godess S. Meyer..
and they fit exctreemly well to the events and emotions in the books.


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