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May 4th 2010

Tuesday..a slow tuesday today.
I've been oggling the OC, listening to Kings of Leon's album "Only by the Night" - A LOT! Loving it..:)
and I've been obsessing over pics of KStew and others from yesterday @ the Met Gala in NYC where celebrities get to play dress-up in frills..(check pics here if ya want).
Edit: made theese today..changed the one I did a bit and made a new one for ma twitter..

yesterday was better..it was warm and sunnier..and I went for a run, went to the driving range and went to an apartment viewing.
Oh and I made a wallpaper out of the new Bel Ami still..check it below! *OH HAWT DAMN WARNING!*

Whats new on my playlist this week? Well, let's see:
¤ "Mr E's Beautiful Blues"
¤ "Fresh Feeling"
¤ "That Look You give That Guy"

¤ Band of Horses nya låt - "Compliments"
¤ Gomez - "How We Operate"
¤ Anya Marina - "Miss Halfway" (denna kickar igång min önskan om att spela gitarr ännu mer..)
¤ Bright Eyes - "First Day of My Life" (1 of Seth Cohens fav band ;))
¤ Van Morrison - "Crazy Love"
¤ Sam Bradley - "Soho Whores" och "Too Far Gone"

Kings of Leon:
¤ "Closer"
¤ "I Want You"
¤ "Revelry"
¤ "Notion"
åsså såklart gamla hitsen "Use somebody", "Sex On Fire"....ah nästan hela det albumet då ^^, (gillar inte Cold Desert bara) + "Knocked up"

¤ jag kommer ångra detta..- jag ångrar det redan: "Baby" med Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris (den är skön..what can I say?)
¤ ännu en jag kanske kommer att ångra: "Thinking 'Bout Something" - Hanson (YES! 'Mmmbop' Hanson bröderna..de släpper nytt snart. videon till denna är bäst-checka youtube!)
¤ "Stereo Love" - Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina
¤ "Hurricane" - Rebound! (Rabih och Eddie från Idol..I know..*ashamed*)
¤ "In My Head" - Jason Derulo


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